So there. I gave in. I decided to start vlogging as well.

As you all aready know by now, I blog about anything and everything under the sun. So that what I aslo want to happen on my vlog.

Fist stop, let’s talk about fashion. But for now, I aint gonna feature any specific clothing brand. I decided to ransack my parent’s closet and see what we got.

I believe fashion is a non-stop cycle. Statements from the 60’s, 70’s , 80’s and 90’s are always making its way back. So here’s my latest haul! Enjoy!

Striped Trousers – Mom, Denim Jacket- Dad

Turtle Neck – mom, Jacket- dad

Turtle Neck- mom, Poncho- @vitamincholi

Robe- mom

Turtle Neck – mom, Printed Top- dad

Mustard Top- Dad

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